the artwork project.

The book project.

It’s been more than 2 and a half years since “We All Are James” was created, and as of now more than 150 sleeves of fans have been released through the internet. Some new ones are still to come, and also old ones which have been remade.

As some of you know, I would like to write an artwork book with those virtual records sleeves of James’ songs.

I have requested the band’s possible contribution, but I suppose they have a lot of approaches and may not be interested in this unusual project which makes the fans the main characters, while honouring the band’s music through their years of existence, as the project includes most of James’ song since their formation.

Most of the information about the songs which illustrate the cover model’s sleeves come from album reviews, websites, the book “Folklore” and fanzines. It’s not as complete as One Of The Three website, but the information is not the main purpose.

I also asked for the contribution of Graham, the man who runs the nice projects called “Tim Booth’s Lyrics A day”. Some of the “punchlines” which feature on the sleeves come from him.

But, most of all, this book project requires you.

As a cover model, I will ask you to complete simple template with information that may appear in the book once released in 2020 (or earlier).

I will only ask for simple information about the relationship between you and the band’s music, either regarding the song you’re the cover of (which is what I would prefer), or if you have nothing to write about the song, something about what links you to the band.

Please do this, it will give more substance to the book.

Thank you for your contribution.

For the Book