Take my hand, 1, 2, 3, we will jump together through the skylight on the sea, become one with me. Found a gap in the folds between the worlds, where I will wait for you love…


Sleeve #200

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Number 200!! The artwork of "Leviathan" highlights the kind of craziness that a graphic project like that of "We All Are James" can engender. This jacket is primarily the story of a photograph, and the reflection that a virtual undertaking can take a real dimension. The picture in question is that of Paola Garcia, a young woman living in Mexico, a fan of James, who joined the graphic project in 2016 with "Moving On" When Paola chose the song "Leviathan", which begins with the lyrics "Take My Hand", the initial idea was to use one of her photos taken in Mexico City, where she holds the hand of the "statue of the traveller ", at the entrance of the Central Park of the city, and more precisely at the door of the forest of Chapultepec. From one thread to another, we joked about doing this photo together, and that that Paola would hold my hand. And so, on a whim, I jumped on a plane to go to 9200 km from where I live to make this shot. It was especially the occasion of a memorable appointment in a universe totally disconnected from my reality. Unbelievable, but authentic, this artwork symbolizes an encounter as magnificent as it is unlikely, the archetype of the unthinkable that can occur, as long as it is physically feasible. It's just a question of will. In this sense, the jacket of "Leviathan" will remain the most eccentric one of this project, and an indelible memory of a meeting that nothing would have predicted without the music of James. More information about the project here : www.weallarejames.com #livinginextraordinarytimes #weallarejames #jamestheband #sleeves #design #art #graphicdesign #virtualsleeve #artwork #artworks

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