High voice, deep inside
Witness what you think you hide
I will race you through emotions 
If you let me in

Chain Mail.

Sleeve #197

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Artwork N.197 TimBooth : "Chain Ma(i)L(e) : This was a big live song for us for years. We didn't do it full justice on recording, bit too light, but an important part of our evolution. Presaging the discovery of all my movement/dance work that releases body armoring "to tear away the screens." Signing to Sire in the winter of 1985, the band went into Liverpool’s Amazon Studios to record their debut album Stutter. The first fruits of the sessions were the « Chain Mail » single release, rush-released by Sire to capitalise on the buzz around James. The release came in two formats – a seven-inch featuring lead track Chain Mail and Hup-Springs and a twelve-inch featuring an additional track Uprising. Confusingly the twelve-inch was called ‘Sit Down Three Songs By James’. Despite it’s confusing alias, Sit Down the song, was still two and a half years from being written. So starring Ian McCormick and his nephew as cover model, this is not a track nor a b-side from Stutter, but below to its area, which justify the link to Stutter. As mentioned in Folklore, « Chain Mail » is an infectious romp that hardly strays from the chord of D, and had been in their set for years, indeed they’d performed it on their first ever radio session for the Janice Long show in mid-1983 (…) Sire were unimpressed by the single seeing it as “too English” and not radio-friendly enough to make a significant impression on the charts. A precursor to what would happen throughout the Sire relationship, there was very little promotion of the single. The press adverts were bizarre as they carried disparaging comments about the band from previous reviews as a unique advertising technique. Moreover, the press had moved on, and much of the momentum gained by their Factory singles seemed lost. With its high-pitched vocals, “Chain Mail” was a more polished affair but suffered from Lenny Kaye’s suffocating production that seemed to restrain the band’s free-flowing rhythms. More information about the project here : www.weallarejames.com #stutter #sitdown #weallarejames #jamestheband #sleeves #design #art #graphicdesign #virtualsleeve #artwork #artworks

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