Rain Whistling.

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Rain Whistling is a instrumental track taken from Wah Wah, starring Rachel Thompson as cover model of the 184th artwork sleeve. For the recording of Wah Wah, as mentioned in Wikipedia, « Brian Eno enlisted the help of engineer Markus Dravs "to look at the improvisations and see what he could make of them" while he [Eno] and James carried on recording Laid. Each improvisation started with the band recording a jam session improvisation, and then Eno or Dravs would then select a "promising" part of the improvised music and mix it, but with only one take on each mix to keep in the improvisation spirit (…). Bassist Jim Glennie recalled that "it was a bit of a production line: We’d jam, those would go over to Markus to start properly messing about with. I think Brian was happy for us to be actively involved in that process, to try and keep it away from the main studio." Booth was then left to come up with lyrics, but many of the tracks ultimately remained instrumentals or had soundbites rather than coherent structured lyrics (…). Generally, the band improvised late at night and in very dim light, working on "huge" reels of tape, so that they, Eno and Dravs could play for over an hour without needing to change reels. According to Eno, "strange new worlds took shape out of bewildering deserts of confusion, consolidated, lived gloriously for a few minutes and then crumbled away."They never tried making anything twice: "once it had gone, we went somewhere else ». More information about the project here : #wah-wah #wahwah #weallarejames #jamestheband #sleeves #design #art #graphicdesign #virtualsleeve #artwork #artworks

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