Sleeve #66. reworked version.

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This reworked version of « Attention » 66th artwork stars one of the most popular figure in James’ fan world, in the person of Liam Mallon, posing with Andrea Wheeldon Attention is one of the album’s most dramatic moments; a song of several very different sections and wild changes in pace. As mentioned in OOTT website, it is clearly one of Tim Booth’s favorites on the record, where one can see what the band is really capable of: a multi-layered journey with Jim Glennie’s throbbing bass and a contagious drum line. This has become a showstopper, which originally came from the rather disjointed and accidental way it came together. Tim Booth explained in Even The Stars that Attention was an hour and twenty minute jam : «  There’s two bits of singing there, one ten minutes in and the other an hour in and I had no way of joining them together and so what I did was fade the keyboard and then fade the other bit in. I thought we’d find something, but people loved it so it stayed that way. It was originally a lot slower and Larry accidentally speeded it up when we were playing it back and people liked it so we ended up doing it that way once we found the right tempo. It was a difficult one though, half the band wanted it slow, half wanted it fast, we’re usually a lot clearer in our demarcations, but this one was right down the line. Some of us thought the speeding up had really fucked the song, but it’s turned out wonderfully. Sometimes a song goes down a completely different route like the song we did with Brian. We’d come to a stop, down a dead end, he added some amazing things to it and it was this big song, as big as « Nothing But Love », and couldn’t break it out of its shell, but Brian did that and we couldn’t then follow it up, so we held it back hoping we can work back with him. We’d gone off on this big procession as we do and then, bang, there’s a cul-de-sac. More information about the project here : #girlattheendoftheworld #gateotw #weallarejames #jamestheband #sleeves #design #art #graphicdesign #virtualsleeve #artwork #artworks

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