My life turned into a mall
Every line is in the song
Follow me out of the fall.

I Know What I'm Here For.

I Know What I'm Here For WEB

Sleeve #35 (New model 2019)

About the lyrics :

What a life, a trick of light, then everything returns to the sea. You can have whatever you want but are you disciplined enough to be free?

Tim Booth : ” Are you disciplined enough to be a free spirit” was something Gabrielle would say – often in response to new agers or hippies who thought freedom comes easily. Freedom has to be earned.

I know cadre

As written in Folklore, ‘I Know What I’m Here For’, the first single from the album Millionaires, reflects Dave and Mark’s immersion in club music. There’s an enjoyable cheesy filling to this handbag house tune powered along by Mark Hunter’s jagged keyboard arpeggios and loops and Dave Baynton-Power’s thunderous drums. All in all, there is the authentic bug-eyed mania of a sweaty ‘rushing’ podium dancer in a cavernous super club. The whumping, wobbling bassline was achieved by Mark playing on the Yamaha DX7, Eno’s favored keyboard, with Brian himself wobbling the pitch bend wheel. There is also a tour de force of layered vocal harmonies – a one-man Beach Boys, as Dave puts it – from Michael Kulas.

Dave Brown, from OOTT website : “It was jammed at Real World Studios on the night The Best Of went to Number One in March 1998 and apparently Larry was present and took part in the jamming sessions (this story was told to me by Tim Booth).

The song was first aired publicly at the Glastonbury warm-up show at Oxford Brookes University on June 25th 1998 as part of the encore. The lyrics had been finished during the soundcheck as Tim had been trying out different takes on the them. The pronounced keyboard part was added before the December tour.

Tim later explained that the lyrics and in particular the “hanging on to late December” line referred to the internal problems that the band were having at the time and the fact that he was intending to leave the band after the December 1998 tour. Those issues were obviously resolved and the band continued ».

Meanwhile, some critics wrote that the song seemed a little out of place on this LP – « this token acknowledgement of dance music in the Electronic briskness is still a fine tune, but this time does suffer under the weight of the production. Everything bar the toilet bowl has been thrown in there. It becomes a mess of noise, Tim Booth just about holds it together ».

Starring Berranou Daf as cover model, the song only reached number 22 in the charts. Mark Hunter won a bet with manager Peter Rudge who said that the single would break the top ten.

The song was used by Ford as their Champions League coverage theme tune around 2011-2.

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J-Millionaires - I Know What I'm Here For

Another time, another model : Marie Sardinero in the 2016 version, who will appear in another sleeve art.

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