The oceans are cesspools of chemical compounds,
Plastic containers, industrial waste
Melt down the ice caps, wear out the o-zone
Everybody’s losing this in-human race.

Sky Is Falling.

Sky Is Falling-part1

Sleeve #150

At the end of the year there’s been a competition where the three first who asked for an artwork got the first sleeves of 2019 : #150, #151, #152.

The first of the three, #150, stars Nuno Videira as cover model.

As mentioned in OneOfTheThree website, Sky Is Falling is a b-side from the 1989 James single Sit Down.

It was only ever released in its demo version, originally recorded for the infamous Manchester North of England compilation at the beginning of 1989 and later on the first Rough Trade issue of the Sit Down single. It made very very rare appearances on the set list at gigs on the 1988 autumn tour.

Extract from Folklore : « With no experience of rock bands, Saul was less phased. ‘It didn’t seem that odd to me because I didn’t know what to expect. I thought this’ll be a laugh; it’ll last two weeks at most. They sent me tapes of jams they’d done and songs like “Brother On A Wheel” and “The Sky Is Falling”. I did four days more at the pottery and then went to Manchester and slept on floors and rehearsed for the tour.’ Dave recalls that relations between the two neophytes were awkward at first. ‘He just turned up at rehearsal one day, this geezer they’d found at Band On The Wall. We didn’t feel like kindred spirits initially. He had a bit of a short fuse. He was hard work actually; it used to kick off over anything. He’s a lot better now. »

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