Open your eyes, and what do you see
A system made to crush our needs
A saviour nailed to every tree
As if you care, as if you care
The prophet said, the prophet said.

Live A Love Of Life.


Sleeve #152

Below is the first try of the sleeve. Scott didn’t provide a lot of pictures, so there were not a lot of possibilities for the sleeve art. Technically the main picture was cut at the top of the model’s head, so for the main cover there had to be an addition of hair.

At the end of the year there’s been a competition where the three first who asked for an artwork got the first sleeves of 2019 : #150, #151, #152. « Live A Love Of Life » is #152.

As mentioned on OneOfTheThree website, « Live A Love Of Life », starring Scott Gordon as cover model,  is one of several tracks with lyrics centring on Tim Booth’s interest in religion at the time of the Gulf War, comparing God’s willingness to allow his own son to be crucified with leaders sending their young men out to war in the knowledge that some may not come back.

Larry’s guitar solo is funky, note-bending. His double-stopped phrases are integral as is Andy’s flailing trumpet.

The song was adopted by a group of Franciscan monks, who, if the story is to believed, offered to come on stage to the song in full regalia. The band declined politely for fear of getting the monks into trouble and inciting problems with religious groups.

The band were banned from performing the song on Channel 4’s Jonathan Ross show because of the lyrical content.

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