Climb out of your well
It’s not so deep
Price of living life
Is not so steep
No such place as hell.


Protect Me.


Sleeve #67

This was impossible to chose between those two sleeve arts, so this is why it has become a 7-inch combo, including two different b-sides.
Those two sleeves appear to be more punchy than the very first version of the cover, which was made at the beginning of the project on 21 July 2016.

Starring Pierre Debailleul as cover model, here’s the new artwork for the electric waltz “Protect Me”, coming out as a two parts single bundle.

As Written in One Of The Three website, “Protect Me” is track ten on the 1992 James album Seven. An acoustic version recorded for US radio station KROQ also appears on the 2001 reissue and a US promo Setlist EP. The song also appears on the Getting Away With It Live cd and dvd as well as both an acoustic and electric version on the Seven live dvd.

It was another track debuted at the Paris Locomotive show in March 1991 and was aired on British television in the summer of that year on

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