Maria loves her life, she’ll show you how
There’s a strong man tearing himself into pieces
A magician who will spin you on the end of his spindly fingers
There’s a show going on
Maria loves her life, she’ll show you how, how, how

Maria's party.

Maria's Party (2018)

Sleeve #145

Maria Formosa is the cover star of this new release. As mentioned on oneofthethree website, Maria’s version which appears on the 1994 James album Wah Wah is sung by Larry Gott. A live version from the Alton Towers 1992 show appears on the live disc of the 2012 The Gathering Sound boxset, whilst a live acoustic version appears on the 2016 Record Store Day release of the 1992 Greenpeace Palace concert.

Another acoustic version from a US radio session appears on The Adventure Club sessions compilation. An as-yet-unreleased demo version appeared on a very rare Mercury in-house cdr entitled B-Sides.

In ‘Maria’, there’s that lovely film noir semitonal drop-down. The song began life as a track called Maria’s Party in the summer of 1992 and was often cited by Tim in interviews as the key track in James new direction after the Seven LP. It featured throughout the acoustic tours of the US and UK in 1992, but failed to make the final cut for the Laid LP.

The party referred to in the song apparently took place at a large house in Belgium.

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The original picture features the model eating in a restaurant. So the main work was to make the food disappear from the sleeve art. Then, it has been a question of color.  

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