You’re an angel
You’re a demon
You’re just human.



Reworked sleeve #20 with a new cover model

Produced by Brian Eno, the haunting ‘Lullaby’ from ‘Laid’ is a plaintive waltz (which was originally called ‘Just Human’) and deals, delicately and tenderly, with the issue of child abuse (“every kiss has left a bruise »).

‘A friend of mine suffered from it’, explains Tim Booth in Folklore, ‘and it made it difficult for them to trust anyone at all.’ 

Starring Sarah Whittington as the cover model, the song is a simple and affecting ballad, with a beautiful piano interlude : a highlight of which is the spidery filigree traced by the keyboard line across the song.

The artwork itself has been completely remade with another model, as the previous one stayed unreleased though numbered. This is why this version has an old number 20.

The track appears on the ‘Live in 2008’ album, due to comedian Peter Kay adding it into the bands set list as it’s one of his favorite James tracks.

Sources : Folklore, OneOfTheThree website.

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