I can’t stop, so I carry on
I don’t trust God is on my side
Indirect as the gaze of a geisha
I’m still that lost and lonely child.



Sleeve #86

For this new conceptual presentation of James’ mini album « The Morning After », here’s a special cover star in the person of Lyndsey Wilson, with this stunning picture. Lyndsey remarkably serves Lookaway’s artwork, the lead radio track from the mini-album which also featured extensively on the band’s 2011 orchestra tour.
In Lookaway, which offers typically Jamesian mellifluousness, alienation rears its ugly head with lyrics like, “I pretend I know where I’m going / I pretend I know where I’m from.” And here, the music seems to have lost direction as well.

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There has been many version of this sleeve art, and the latest were great. However, considering that there has to be a sort of art unity for each album, this sleeve has been re-done again, and the result seems to be ok.

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