We lie awake and feeling warm
I need to feel your healing hands
We lie awake and rise at dawn
Only your fingers understand.

How Was It For You ?

How Was It For You

Sleeve #3 (new version 2018)

Historically ‘How Was It For You’ was the first James product on the label Fontana. The song, hugely catchy and direct, entered the chart at 35 but Top of the Pops denied them an appearance, even refusing to air the video as it featured Tim seemingly singing underwater and the show’s producers felt that pop-literate toddlers might attempt the same.

Signing to a major label inevitably meant that James would have to play some of the corporate games they had avoided previously. The single appeared in five formats with new and live tracks split across them all meaning that the committed fan would have to buy four formats to get hold of all the tracks.

This song is testament to James’ ceaseless ability to produce good dance music and Tim Palmer , David Bowie’s Tin Machine producer, was drafted in to mix the single and give it a more commercial edge. It was the only track off the original version of Gold Mother that hadn’t been extensively previewed before its release.

The single was accompanied by a promotional blitz in the music press who were championing the band even more than ever before. TV and radio appearances including a Peel Session also helped to push the single.

The artwork features Jacqueline Rousseaux as cover model. It was actually the first demo sleeve art ever made, on a beach, unpublished, with no idea at that time how the project would later grow with the first real James’ artwork published, « Runaground ».

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The first demo ever,  the 2016 and early 2018 versions.

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