Watch out the world’s behind you
Watch out someone’s around you
Who will fall for nothing at all.

Sunday Morning.

Sleeve #104

This is a very special release today, which was specially asked by Mister Soapy (John Soutar) for his beloved wife Susan Soutar. Sunday Morning is a cover of The Velvet Underground song that was released as a b-side on the 1990 James single Lose Control and the 2001 B-Sides Ultra compilation.

It was originally recorded for the Imaginary Records compilation tribute album to the Velvet Underground “Heaven and Hell” released in September 1990 and it also appears on the Come Home live video and dvd.

Sunday Morning was chosen as the Velvets cover due to the fact the song would allow both violin and trumpet in James’ interpretation. Tim finishes the song with an inspired medley of lines from other famous Velvet Underground songs. 

In late 1966, “Sunday Morning” was the final song to be recorded for The Velvet Underground & Nico. It was requested by Tom Wilson, who thought the album needed another song with lead vocals by Nico with the potential to be a successful single. The final master tape of side one of the album shows “Sunday Morning” only penciled in before “I’m Waiting for the Man”.

Aiming to create a hit for the album, “Sunday Morning” features noticeably more lush and professional production than the rest of the songs on the album. The song’s prominent use of celesta was the idea of John Cale, who noticed the instrument in the studio and decided to use it for the song. According to Reed, the song’s theme was suggested by Andy Warhol. “Andy said, ‘Why don’t you just make it a song about paranoia?’ I thought that was great so I came up with ‘Watch out, the world’s behind you, there’s always someone watching you,’ which I feel is the ultimate paranoid statement in that the world cares enough to watch you.”

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There’s been a lot of various pre-versions of this artwork. It’s been really difficult to chose one, but the purple-orange got the prior.

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