Worn down by strangers
All you need’s a friend
You’ve been worn down by strangers
This is not the end
(This is not the end).


Strangers - Master3

Sleeve #141

Starring Fiona Twist as the « biker cover model », ’Strangers’ is heartbreakingly simple and affecting, the melancholic shift to the D minor seventh evoking Dylan’s ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’, a song with which it shares an air of weary resignation and longing for consolation. The long violin cantilenas are beautifully done, melodious without ever being fussy or intrusive.

It has been written that ‘Strangers’ was far less produced (and better for it) but forgetting to include a tune.

The song was debuted by Tim and Michael at Tim’s show at the Bolton Octagon in May 1999 as part of the benefit show to raise funds for the Octagon Theatre where Tim made his acting debut in Saved.

From Folklore : « Finally, back home for an extended period, James recuperated in an atmosphere of unresolved tensions and discord. The underemployed studio gear found its way to Mark Hunter’s house in Leeds and, slowly, new material came together. ‘The gear came back to my place and I started trying to piece these things together. Tim came up to Leeds and we worked on them and they started to solidify. Saul came to Leeds as well, and that process went on for a while. Out of those sessions came the seeds of ‘Destiny Calling’, ‘Runaground’ and the melancholic ‘Strangers’ ».

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