It’s a shock to my system
To wind up back where I have come from
It’s a crime in my child’s eyes
To find out life is in my mind.



Sleeve #142


The new artwork features ‘Space’, a suitably atmospheric and spooky song, which stars Zoltan Vadon as cover model, James’ number one fan from Budapest, Hungary, and also a fantastic sound engineer whose work can be heard on the « we all are james » video project, out November 2018. 

“Space is originally the opening track from the 2001 James album Pleased To Meet You.

It was not performed live during the Autumn 2000 tour when most of the new album was previewed. There are a couple of alternative versions of the song on early promos of the album, which mainly consist of a different opening section with more acoustic guitar.

A live version of the song appears on the 2002 Getting Away With It Live cd and dvd. The song featured extensively on the 2011 orchestra tour and remained a regular in the set in 2012 and 2013.”

“It’s not so much that James weren’t expected to make yet another good record; when 2001’s Pleased to Meet You was released, they hadn’t made a truly subpar record since the late ’80s. But it isn’t just another good James record — it’s their best. It’s their tightest, freshest, most contemporary batch of songs, weatherproofed to stand the test of time. From the dizzily uplifting “Space,” a Brian Eno-influenced and produced song (sure sounds like his voice is in the chorus, too), to the glacially sparse ballad “Alaskan Pipeline,” the perfectly titled record is fresh-faced enough to sound like a band high on being in a studio together for the first time, but the material and the execution is too focused, too mature to sound like a rookie effort. 

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