We made you feel the way you are is wrong
We made you what you are.

Dream Thrum.

Dream Thrum Master 2018

Sleeve #144

Dream Thrum, featuring Koren Garcia as cover star, is track three on the 1993 James album Laid.

After the highlight that is ‘Sometimes’, ‘Dream Thrum’ floats by, appropriately titled and bearing more than a passing Eno influence. Tim Booth in fine voice once more. It originated from a piece of music picked out of an improvisation by Brian Eno. The band say this wasn’t a track they would have normally have picked up on. Of all the tracks on Laid, this is the one that Tim Booth has said he had most difficulty producing lyrics for.

When played live,  »Dream Thrum” finds the band meticulously crawling under the skin of the crowd. Few acts on the planet could begin a concert with a whisper and simultaneous seduce and maintain complete control over the crowd. All eyes started at the band in rapt attention. 

Although it was hardly played at the time of the release of Laid, it was reintroduced into the setlist in 2008 and has appeared on a regular basis since.

Laid album ends up having incredible detail. Each song has layers of intricate sounds and atmosphere, from the violin curving through “Dream Thrum” to the burbling electro-pop beats of “Skindiving” and acoustic counter-melodies adding melancholy to “One Of The Three.”

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  • Koren Garcia

    I love my sleeve! Thank you for it and the whole artwork project!

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