I’m not thinking about you tonight
Counting the cost of what I have lost
Stringing pearls I can’t take back
Twisted in knots on the judo mat



Busted Master-2019-waaj

Sleeve #143

This new release features Darren Critten, as cover star.
Though known as the main character of the third trailer previewing the video project “Getting Away With It ’18” including fans from 10 countries, there is however not much information about the meaning of this song.
In May 2018, James released a 4 song EP entitled “Better Than That” that reached number 1 of the Vinyl Singles Chart[14] and embarked on a sold-out UK tour to promote it. During this tour, they also previewed a few songs from their following album, Living in Extraordinary Times, released on 3 August 2018. Percussionist and backing vocalist Deborah Knox-Hewson joined the band during the tour, replacing Ron Yeadon. She left the band shortly after the album’s release.

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