Wash the boy in the stream, so tenderly
Press his lips to your lips, give him your breath
He awakes with the weight of the vision he holds
Sees the rent in time through which he must fold.


Bubbles - 2018

Sleeve #67

This previous version of “Bubbles” has been the first ever made once the earlier website weallarejames.com had been launched in 2017. It symbolizes the opening of the project to all James’ fans.

It has been written into the press that “as “Bubbles”, the opener, chimes in, the listener is reminded of long hot summers spent queuing up outside HMV, waiting for the latest Blur album to hit the shelves…”

But the song, featuring the mighty Soapy Soutar as cover star, deserves a far deeper analysis. So here’s what has been written about this particular song.

Setting out their stall with the strength and affirmation of the birth song Bubbles, seemingly inspired by the arrival of Booth’s first son, James gather themselves with an impressively solid stature. And it’s straight from birth to death, the title song dealing with the Iraqi war, and “the boys in the body bags coming home in pieces”. It ought to be an anthem, but if it is, it’s a gruesome anti-triumph.

Lyrics like those make up for the clunkers, but more importantly, the music itself sounds shockingly vibrant for a band only recently taken off ice. It’s hard to remain unmoved by Tim Booth proclaiming “I’m alive!” as “Bubbles” matches the sentiment by reaching ever more grandiose and inspiring heights.

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    j’adore Soapy!!!!!

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