Drifting through the atmosphere
Floating through this land
Sifting through one thousand years
of sand
all sand… .


Vervaceous (2018 version)

Sleeve #82

Today’s release is the last song of Millionaires’ album, with Paul Paul Bache as cover star. The song comes from a 20 minutes jam session by drummer David Bayton-Power, starring Sinead O’connor. Saul said of O’connor’s contribution to Vervaceous : “She came down to the studio on night to see Eno, He played her some of the stuff and she was dead cool. She asked if there was anything we’d like her to sing on, and we suggested « Vervaceous ». It had previously just ended with music, quite turbulent, aggressive music, and its whole end section with her voice and these weird little pulses was Eno doing his thing. It’s funny because she’s got such a beautiful voice and he made her sound like a robot!”

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This sleeve got many versions, as there was always something disturbing, that made it subject to improvement. This current version has been made just after the release of the website.



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