he new website is here and though incomplete, it works.
It’s been 3 (too) long months of building, which seems a lot for people who know how to do things, but quite not so long for people like me.

I thus completely discovered the world of WordPress and its parallel economic mode, where nearly every new improvement of your website needs dollars.

Anyway, I’m now a rookie webmaster, webbuilder, webcreator, webever.

I felt and gave time, funds, involvement, frustration, anger, disillusion, joy, happiness in all this. I now just hope you enjoy it. I will try to correct bugs with time, to upload my whole artwork with time.

Time is what I ask, meanwhile you can ask for a sleeve art.

Oh no, I got it all wrong
Spoken out of turn, again
Sold myself too short, not long
I’ve broken out and burnt.

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