How long will it take to get used to me
How long will it take to get used to me.

Don't Wait That Long.

Sleeve #049 - Original release date : August 19, 2016 // Re-release October 14, 2018

James re-release this week a new single entitled « Don’t Wait That Long », a song about a relationship that’s gone sour… it’s turned into nothing but arguments and violence, and the song’s narrator is blaming himself for the destruction.

It has been written that it was inspired by the break-up of Tim Booth’s relationship with the band’s ex-manager Martine McDonagh. Stunning song from the Seven album.

Web critic Adrian Denning wrote that the song follows on from the likes of ‘Crescendo’ from ‘Goldmother’. The vocal makes this completely. Such a wonderful ballad performance, it brings a tear to the eye.

In the James’ reference book « Folklore », the song is mentioned this way : ‘Don’t Wait That Long’ has not worn well and does remind one uncomfortably of U2 and Simple Minds’ more empty moments, and Larry’s guitar solo is oddly, if intentionally, sloppy.

There is also an interesting point of view from Jim GLENNIE:

« Strip-Mine and Seven are big, not small and we wanted that.
With hindsight, Seven is, like Strip-Mine , a problematic item in the James oeuvre; neither a complete success nor the failure its detractors claim. I’m surprised Seven turned out like it did with Youth in control but maybe it was inevitable. We were a bigger group and had a bigger sound. We were looking for something without any guidance and looking in the wrong place. We went astray really. A lot of the songs do sound pompous and overblown now and the ballad with Durga McBroom (‘Don’t Wait That Long’) pushed it over the top. But that’s how it happens : in the early days, we played little places and had a little sound. Then you’re playing arenas and you have to play a music that fills those arenas ».

This brand new packaging comes with a sleeve starring a indie star reference in the person of Fouzia.

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The first version of the sleeve art.

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