“I’m a sinner, I believe
Self-control is killing me.”

Sleeve #85.

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Who Are You ?

James’ release a very special virtual single today, as it features regretted Yann Berton as cover star with his James’ tee-shirt. The B-side and the picture has been chosen by his sister, Delphine Berton
As for the song “Who Are You?”, which is the lead single from the 2007 James compilation Fresh As A Daisy released in conjunction with James’ 2007 reconciliation, the press reviews said : “it expertly combines the vocal theatrics of songs like Sound with an altogether grittier guitar sound to produce a song easily capable of appealing to both their existing following and the uninitiated contains a brilliant outtro ‘Warning Coming Down’.
“Who Are You?” proves that the story is far from over, and that the flame still burns strong within them.”

Original release date : September 13, 2017.

The very first version of this song was featuring the creator of the project.

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