My god – what’s his name
says your god is just calamari
My god’s new to this game
She don’t know who to blame
You don’t think so, but we’re all the same

Many Faces.

Many Faces

Sleeve #136

“Many Faces” is a slower, more romance-tinged song which stars Emma and Steve Kalidoski as cover stars of the first ever fan sleeve art of this new LP. The sleeve symbolizes the « we’re all the same, [and] you got skin in the game » lyrics of the song, a message of unity which pointedly states “all walls fall over time”

Because once it all becomes clear that the LP is about the state of this world we currently live in, and how we are treating each other as human beings, and you get to the core of this album, you realize how hard it can hit. This is especially true of the glorious Many Faces, where the message is spelt loud and clear: “there’s only one human race, many faces, everybody belongs here”. Set to acoustic guitar and mariachi-like horns before building itself up into a true anthem of unity and hope, it’s classic James. 

Press reviews reported that the song was written as a response to Trump’s claim that he would build a border wall with Mexico. “We don’t need walls,” says Booth.

“What we need is diversity and interconnectedness, not the other way around. It’s the tribal mentality which will destroy us, if nothing else does. It’s that which will make us drop the bomb. The more that we see that we’re the same, the less likely we are to kill each other. I’m hoping that will match ‘Sometimes’ for its emotional clout live. If we can get an audience singing ‘There’s only one human race, many faces’ then that’s going to be beautiful.”

From the hard hitting, political backlash, filled with hate and anger, to a more melodic, harmonious song aimed at uniting the people, Many Faces is an usual anthemic contributions that have become James’s stock-in-trade.


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