Tried to fake it with the real men
Tried to fill your father’s size ten
Alone in this world.


Liam Mallon-Homeboy-Master

Sleeve #131

‘Homeboy’, though tuneful with its filial similarity to ‘Tomorrow’, is a brief but fun pop tune and is one of a few tracks considered as a coming back for pure Brit-rockers at the time of its original release.
With Liam Mallon as cover star, it is another song where Tim Booth’s technique of using phonetics to mark lyrics stuck. It is also said that apparently he didn’t know what a Homeboy was at the time. The track was originally titled Homeboy or Girl and the verses were completely different until Tim Booth took sections of a track called Fishknives and threw the lyrics into the chorus of Homeboy.
Performed live, the track gained an upbeat pulsing intro and was a particular crowd favourite on the Whiplash tour.

 – cover star : Liam Mallon.

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