You’re so cruel to me
There’s a hole in my heart
From your industry
There’s a hole in my heart.



Sleeve #126

Todays’ release is Greenpeace, a stop start jungle/dance onslaught about the human races’ carefree attitude to ecological rum, which started as a “folky protest song” before being taken to Dave’s home studio by Dave, Saul, Mark and Jim and turned into a brutal jungle song after days of not knowing what to do with it.. Staring Isabel and Jude Brownhill as cover stars, this double CD release points out a powerful and important reflection on the modern world
‘Greenpeace’ undoubtedly steals the lyrical honors, highlighting global environmental issues through the opinions of “Man 1”, an apathetic by-stander (“I’m too cool to get involved…..I can’t stop the world from burning”); and “Man 2”, a cold representative of those responsible (“Gonna suck the juices out of the world…..It’s money to me…..I am what I am / Much more than a God / Much less than a man of industry”).
The band has composed a movement in which three distinct voices represent the debate over environmental protection. In the first, an echoed music box tinkles sadly in the distance as Booth’s disaffected voice sings from the apathetic masses: “I don’t like the world I see/ So I’ll avert my gaze to the TV.” In the second, low ringing bell tones accompany Booth’s guttural portrayal of big business: “Gonna rape this world with my straight lines/Gonna straighten her out/Because nature is just history.” And in the third, Booth’s falsetto speaks for Mother Earth herself as a tripped-up rhythm and mechanical drone shudder behind « her.”
(Sources come from various medias, including « Folklore » and « One Of The three »)

 – avec Neil Brownhill.

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Browse the album.

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