Every face a stepping stone
At the top’s a throne of bones
Your curtain’s twitching
But you can’t see past your daily sneer.


Sarah Davis - AvalancheMaster

Sleeve #129

Today’s release, is “Avalanche”, agreat fun brash rocker that alternates neatly between a grungy opening half verse and a glowing resolution in the second half’s switch to a dramatic C chord.
With Sarah Davies as cover star, this is a more conventional song structure and a good cheer return throughout Whiplash in the form of the superb techno pop anthem “Avalanche”, bouncing along with Jim Glennie’s bass line and chant-along backing vocals from Brian Eno. Tim Booth’s vocals soar from deep, clean tones to a breathtaking falsetto, whirling through layers of chiming guitars supplied by Adrian Oxaal. The lyrics launch a scathing attack on (as supposed) either the music industry or the government (You don’t own us/Can‘t control us”).

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