So they looked away and they tried to pretend
That it was for you, but no it wasn’t for them.

Ya Ho.

Ya Ho (2018)

Sleeve #112

(Mainly from One Of The Three website) : Though it began life in the early eighties as a primarily acoustic slower number and featured in a 1987 Peel session, the perky « Ya Ho » found its home on the bands second album « Strip-Mine » in 1988. With the repetition of both “Let me be the one” and the title over the breakdown, it’s hard to believe that « Ya Ho » wasn’t a single directly, although it was originally intended as the first single off the Strip Mine album in 1987 before the decision was made to remix the album. So the eventual release is a different mix to the album version and bears an earlier catalogue number to « What For » even though it was released six months later.

Of course « Ya Ho » is far too close to « What For? » for comfort but is, as Tim Booth indicates ‘a nice little metaphor, about a load of people on a beach not daring to go in the water and then one goes in.’ Stylistically, you can hear the band’s immersion in African music, bolstered by two visits to the Womad festival.

It was finally released as a single in September 1988. This 2018 version features Declan Dunleavy, Jacqui Wong’s husband, as cover star.

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Some of the tries of this sleeve art, which got many many version and is still not fixed.


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