The sexes divided, men mustn’t be weak
Sensitivity is a vice of which we shan’t speak
And women are a play thing that are just made for men
To treat how the boss he respect treats him


J-Five Offerings-Folklore (New Master)

Sleeve #109

“Folklore” is a minimal piece with chanting vocals, from James’ debut EP Jimone released in 1983 and the Village Fire EP in 1985. The track seemingly lead by the bass-line, the guitars and drums following – this one is kind of chorus-less and curious. Tony Wilson saw in that song what others couldn’t see. As the press mentioned at that time « it sounds thoroughly alien next to “Blue Monday” or “Confusion”. Maybe he had his finger on the pulse, though it should be noted that lots of curious acts found themselves on Factory ».
Folklore’s lyrics are concerned about young boys growing into men in the mirror image of their father and male dominance of women.
The sleeve star Isabelle and Rudy Hanot

The song was covered in the early nineties by a band called Unrest.

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The former version with another color.  

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