Red sky is falling
Blue blood no stalling
White heat will strip you
No time to run far.

Fire So Close.

J-Five Offerings-Fire So Close (New Master)

Sleeve #107

Fire So Close is a song from James’ debut EP Jimone released in 1983 and the Village Fire EP in 1985, a song that is a relation of the folky “Why So Close” from 1986’s debut album ‘Stutter.’ It opens with Tim Booth’s vocals prior to a jerky indie funk bursting into life, the band sounding like they’d heard labelmates A Certain Ratio and translated that influence into their sound. At 1:51 duration it’s over before it begins, James were here setting the model later adopted by bands like Happy Mondays and New Fast Automatic Daffodils – taking dance rhythms and applying them to indie rock, though they were not to blame for later terms like ‘indie dance.’
The song is an anti-nuclear tirade looking at Wayne (the US) and Ivan (Soviet Union) facing each other.
It was slowed down and renamed Why So Close for the Stutter LP three years later. The sleeve stars Charlotte Bennett.

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