Yes I know that love should seem foolish
Like now
Yes I know that love hardly lasts.

Shooting My Mouth Off.

J-Millionnaire-ShoOting My Mouth (Master)

Sleeve #95

With the re-release of the new single Shooting My Mouth Off including a stunning b-side cover, Tim Booth delivers a powerful chorus as he prays that he’s not jinxing a hopeful relationship. With Matthew Hartley as cover star of this new release, this song, starting slowly and becoming a dancing track, is about the excitation one can feel when falling in love again. It sits at track 4 on the 1999 released ‘Millionaires’, but surprizingly not on the european version of the album. The track had its official live debut in Plymouth on the 1998 December Arena tour, though it was technically first played as ‘Real World Jam’ in Birmingham, yet unfortunately aborted half way through. – avec Matthew Hartley.

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The first version of this sleeve art was most into the blue, but the “J” logo was too big like most of the artwork at the beginning of the project.

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