Oceans apart
What’s that view from your wave
Beautiful craft
Weather in change
Understand the world we’re living in
Love can mean anything.




Sleeve #90

This much acclaimed sleeve art is the result of many tries with the number seven, an example of it features below.

Seven (early)
James re-release today the final cut and title track “Seven” of their 1991’s album, which is the most gloriously produced and possibly best song of the bands career, starring Evelyn Liddell as cover star. This single is complete with an unique rendition of Echo and the Bunnymen “Nothing Ever Lasts Forever” cover version, nearly a year after having covered “Rescue” during an astonishing duet with the Charlatans in Liverpool show, December 2016.
It was originally titled Blow Me Away, but Tim felt worried that American religious fanatics objecting to the references to God in the lyrics might take him too literally, so the track became Seven.
A wonderful string arrangement is supported by Andy Diagram’s lonely distant Trumpet and guitarist Larry Gott’s tender embellishment, all set to Tim Booth’s questioning of the many facets of Love as he bares himself with the line “Darling, I’m open, Unguarded, Unbroken”.

– starring Evelyn Liddell.

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  • Evelyn Liddell

    I love this sooooo much!!

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