Here she comes with a gun in her hand
A look in her eyes says she don’t understand
And the womb is full, what are you gonna do
A gun in her hand makes her feel like a man.

Dumb Jam.

Dumb Jam 2018-Master

Sleeve #63

Today’s release is “Dumb Jam”, a hugely self deprecating title for what is a fine tune albeit one that had been kicking around since a jam in Woodstock, New York in 1994. With the beautiful Beth Blasius as cover star, this frenetic up-tempo clocking in at just over two minutes romp through male and female behaviour in relationships. It was first played in Minneapolis First Avenue and New Haven Toad’s Place in May 1994.
Dumb Jam is a quite handy track features on album Millionaires and serve to give the album considerable substance. It was originally played on the US spring tour of 1994 under the name of « Where Did You Go? » having being jammed in rehearsals and appearing on the infamous Whiplash Sessions, but remaining unreleased.
The track then got lost until Saul came across it on a tape of old recordings and it was re-recorded as it was something “other bands would die for.”

 – cover model : Beth Blasius.

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The first tries of the sleeve, with the blue/grey one becoming the official one before the 2018 version, more fun, more “wahrollesque”.

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  • Beth Blasius

    I love it, thank you Christophe!

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