I hear you, I hear you, whispering such gorgeous stories
I see you, I see you, trying to break free
You liar, you liar, you can’t live the dreams you’re spinning
You liar, love to be deceived.




Sleeve #76

August 23, 2017, James releases the song P.S., whose title is a tribute to “Patti Smith”, is one of the masterpieces of the nalbum Laid. The sound is very emblematic of the album Laid (violin, slide guitar, organ) and gives something calm and serene. P.S. is a very personal track for Tim Booth “I don’t know what I can say about this one without getting into trouble. It’s very personal and contains a lot of very strong mixed feelings about someone”. This sleeve, which I particulary like, stars Nicola Daisy Jackson.

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Alternative version of the artwork. Note the logo error

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