I wrote this song to tell you I’m leaving you
Afraid to say these words to your face
Must be better than a letter, text or email.

Dear John.

Dear John

Sleeve #60

Starring Altina Da Silva as cover model, “Dear John” is a bubbly synth-led song to dump people to for the 21st century, with the simple keys and pounding drums keeping it flowing perfectly, giving a vibe of the Pet Shop Boys covering Goblin, with a nice little whistle to kick off with. Some other mentionned a synth riff that’s almost shamelessly ripped off from Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’.


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Various versions of the project are presented here. The picture was supposed to be used for “To My Surprise” but the song was given to another fellow. Then came the absolute “non sense” parts of the “how to conceive this sleeve” thing. The comics version, and the video one.
Finally it came out with a splendid smile and a red filter.

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