These wounds are all self-imposed
Life’s no disaster.

Waltzing Along.

Waltzing Along (2018)

Sleeve #62

Today’s release is Waltzing Along, one of the older tracks on Whiplash, a great song with the tune upbeat, with Axel Escale as cover star.
In other moments, James delves into darker themes, like the gloom of “Waltzing Along”, which impossibly weaves a three-beat waltz into a four-time swing. Oxaal’s guitar echoes through like the voice of a mourning woman as Booth sings of loneliness.

Some reviews almost designed the song’s text to bring people out of depression, as if it Tim Booth was trying to tell people that depression is all in the individuals head…We’ll all die in the end whatever we do (all roads lead onto death row etc.) and that we can choose not to succumb to that insidious emotion called depression (may your mind set you free). Basically people get depressed by feeling sorry for themselves and, whatever the circumstance, we can get through anything by choosing not to wallow in self pity and inflicting our miseries on others…The more miserable you are the less people want to be with you and the more lonely you become. Loneliness fuels depression and the circle becomes vicious.

The single was rerecorded to give the song a much harder and more commercial edge than the album version.

With absolutely no promotion at all, the original single, exceeded most expectations by entering the charts at number 23 in 1997 and the song became a live favorite in James sets with crowds chanting along to the intro.


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The very first version of this sleeve art featured a daisy upon the model, but this slight effect has been given up.  

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