I’ve been looking for some words to call my own,
Not worn out phrases and hand me downs.
They’ll mark me and where I stand,
A bug on its back in a corned beef can.

What's The World.

J-Five Offerings-What's The World (New Master)

Sleeve #52

The sleeve of the Smiths’ cover, starring Lyndsey Wilson, has now got a new artwork to be in perfect harmony with the four other songs of « Five offerings » 1985 EP.
The initial James line-up of Booth, Gilbertson, Glennie and Whelan recorded the ‘Jimone’ e.p. at the legendary Strawberry Studios – the three tracks still sound very distinctive and slightly odd. “What’s the world” sounding like Josef K playing rockabilly, James supported The Smiths at the time, and it was telling that Morrissey and co would later cover “What’s the world”. It seemed that Tim Booth’s vocal style was definitely adopted by Mozzer – The Smiths’ version was released as a live track on one of the formats of the ‘Strangeways…’-single “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me”. At just under two-minutes, “What’s the world” is a very odd thing, kind of hypnotic, straight to the point – the vocals coming straight in, the guitars, bass, and drums settling into a rhythm and surreal lyrics – apparently cobbled together from words the band liked from magazines. There’s even a chorus of sorts and at the end a dirty bassline, worthy of Joy Division, before Tim Booth comes back in with his vocals. Not what you’d expect from the 1990s version of the band.

The EP contained all five tracks from their previously released singles Jimone and James II, including the track “What’s The World” which has been covered by The Smiths during their show at Glasgow Barrowlands, 25 September 1985 (live recording on “I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish”). It has remained popular among die-hard James fans to the present day and was still occasionally being featured in setlists.

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The former version of this sleeve art.  

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