I know you want it all to end
Transform a love into a friend
Magicians can do
Gut feelings come
Gut feelings go
Like rivers we have no control.

English Beefcake.

English Beefcake 2018

Sleeve #16

The strangely titled ‘English Beefcake’ opens with a violin which enriches the musical track through the introduction.
Starring Franck Heffner as cover star, the song is nearly six minutes long though. As mentionned in One Of The Three website, it was premiered at the Norwich show on the 2000 Theatre tour and underwent a radical overhaul to reach the version that appeared on the album. A studio version, with Brian Eno at the helm, was streamed on the old official James website in advance of the album release.
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The first version of this sleeve and the original picture.

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