You’ve seen the best of me
And you’ve seen the worst of me
So don’t expect me not to be thinking out loud
You’ve seen the best of me
And you’ve seen the beast in me so
So don’t expect me to be not thinking out loud
I’m just thinking out loud.


Catapult double mix

Sleeve #24

The pop-rock “Catapult” is radio-friendly enough to be single, featuring its number one fan as cover star, Yo Nel, also called “Le Roux”. This song has a special meaning to this guy, as it revealed to him the beauty and the musical strength of this band he had never known before : it’s been like a shock to him, a fantastic one.
This song has a hard-edged, electronic groove, while the upbeat features some wonderful melodic backing vocals and is very danceable.
This special vinyl comes with a special mix created by the sound engineer who worked for the famous indie french band “La Compagnie Créôle” (private joke).

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