Oh no, I got it all wrong
Spoken out of turn, again
Sold myself too short, not long
I’ve broken out and burnt.


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Sleeve art number 23, released 25.07.2016, reworked 13.05.2019, starring Sam Paul as cover model. louderthanwar.com : Opening with Bitch, a track so groovy that it oozes from the speakers is a masterstroke. It pulls the listener into a different world; throbbing bass and thumping keys propel the funky, neo-punk riff – which has a twang reminiscent of Joy Division’s Transmission – for almost half the song before any vocals come in. It makes it all the more frustrating that just as we’re getting into it, it’s over. Could we have a 12” extended version, please? https://www.musicomh.com : Bitch is a great opener. With the vocals not entering until about halfway through, the track is driven by Jim Glennie’s pulsing bass and Mark Hunter’s shimmering synths. It has a krautrock/early New Order feel, fizzing with nervous energy as Booth characteristically gives vent to his self-directed frustrations. http://www.theyorker.co.uk : The album kicks off with a heavy bass riff by Jim Glennie lasting two and a half minutes. This song Bitch is a combination of electronic and rock with Tim Booth providing aggressive vocals. Tim Booth, Even The Stars 2016 : « I think there’s some really killer live songs, I think Bitch will sound great live and something like Waking, which isn’t a traditional James song, has a lot of room for trumpet to have fun, there’s a lot of joy in the music, it’s very uplifting. I can see us doing nearly all of them live. » More information about the project here : www.weallarejames.com #girlattheendoftheworld #gateotw #weallarejames #jamestheband #sleeves #design #art #graphicdesign #virtualsleeve #artwork #artworks

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