Oh no, I got it all wrong
Spoken out of turn, again
Sold myself too short, not long
I’ve broken out and burnt.



Sleeve #23

What better than to have Sam Paul as the cover star of this new James’ single, which contains a cover of Ride that says it all : she’s the leader of the pleasuredome. Perfect title, perfect model, perfect shot, perfect temperature. The big party is on the beach. 

Bitch is a opening track so groovy that it oozes from the speakers is a masterstroke. It pulls the listener into a different world; throbbing bass and thumping keys propel the funky, neo-punk riff – which has a twang reminiscent of Joy Division’s Transmission – for almost half the song before any vocals come in. It makes it all the more frustrating that just as we’re getting into it, it’s over. As for the text, Tim Booth decries his own personal shortcomings of a man satisfied by the trappings of a successful career and comfortable family life (“Love my sons, I love my wife. My life is rich and full. So why’d I bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch”). 


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