Don’t believe the adverts
Don’t believe the experts
Everyone will sell our souls.

Destiny Calling.

J-Fresh As A Daisy - Destiny Calling

Sleeve #4 (2018 version)

Picture was taken for supporting French National Team for EURO 2016’s final against Portugal (defeat 0-1).

Destiny Calling is a James single released in March 1998 as a new track ahead of The Best Of.

It is a lighthearted dig at the music business with references in the lyrics to both the Spice Girls and the Monkees. The video features the debut appearance of Graham, the voice over man off 90s TV show Blind Date.

Saul described the writing process for Destiny as “whacking on a capo and playing She’s A Star at twice the speed.”


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This picture was previously used for a Surfer’s Song try, and a Goal Goal Goal one.


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