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Be the virtual cover star of a James' sleeve.

the artwork project.

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the artwork project.

How it works.

Be a James cover star.

Living In Extraordinary Times

Become a cover star for (we all are) James virtual song sleeves project.


Unfortunately you can’t ask for a song that has already been chosen previously by someone else. If it ever comes that the list isn’t promptly updated (there is a human being behind this project after all), the priority will be given to :

1/ the person that has not any sleeve done yet.

2/ the fist to have asked.

Easy. You will have to enter simple fields in a formula :

  • your name (needed)
  • your email (needed)
  • your facebook name (as an option to be tagged),
  • the song of your choice picked up into the combo list of what’s left (needed),
  • your b-side (option) : you can join to your request the title of any song you like from any other singer/band (not from James), imagining that this is the cover b-side of the single you’re the cover star of.

Pictures can be in portrait (but there are so many portraits sleeves now), in landslide, alone, with people, and those in situation where you did not know someone was shooting a picture of you (the ones I prefer).

If you have NO inspiration at all, get some help. Photos will then be picked up into your Facebook account if you are agree for this, and if there are some acceptable for doing the sleeve.

Once you applied for a sleeve, you will receive a mail within a undefined laps of time in which you’ll be ask to send at least 3 or 4 pictures of you (that you like) in various positions.

The pictures must have at least 1,5 Mo to be properly used. For those who are not on computer things, it means that they must have a certain quality to be treated as an artwork (usually recent phones or camera do acceptable photos).

So request, and be patient : no delay for the sleeve, it will depends on the time I have, and mainly the inspiration.

A sleeve can be created with one version, but sometimes it takes ten to twenty or more variations to reach the final one. Some of the first sleeves are reworked, to give an identity to each albums.

To sum up, some people can wait for several months, some others several hours. Keep in mind that it’s free for you, it is done as a hobby and certainly not as a duty. All clear ? 

the artwork project

Become an unofficial piece of James’art.

the artwork project

Virtual James need a virtual cover star : become James.

the artwork project.

Why so close.

Ask for your sleeve.

Why So Close.

The origins of the project.

In Summer 2016, as I was following my girlfriend running, I took a picture of her and the song « Runaground » came into my mind. Once back home I created a virtual James’s sleeve and posted on Facebook.

Then Facebook friends asked me to be part of those virtual sleeves with their own pictures. Either they were sending to me the one they wanted, otherwise they let me pick up one that inspire me.

The project grew up, with more than 50 sleeves, so back on holidays the next year I decided to continue the project and open it to every James’ fan (at last those who may enjoy this project, as I understand some may not).

Two years after, the project had reached more than 130 sleeves.

« We All Are James » is a website linked to a Facebook Page for the Mancunian Band’s imaginary singles sleeves.

Please note this is just artwork fun to honor James’ music, and to federate their fans. I had the chance to quickly tell the band itself about the project during 2018’s Blackburn soundcheck.

Runaground Version 2016 vs Version 2018

Why not you ?

If you like it the idea of the project, you can ask for your sleeve.

The best thing, aim of this website, would be that every James’ song come with its sleeve, in order to rebuild the whole discography.The rule is however that you unfortunately can’t ask for a song that has already its sleeve. You can add to your request the title of any non-James’ song you like, imagining that this is a cover b-side of the single you’re the sleeve star of. Any request requires to be patient : there is no delay given for the sleeve, it will depends on the time I have, and inspiration. Some have waited several months, some others several hours. I keep it as a hobby and certainly not as a duty. To improve the reality of those imaginary sleeves I used the music labels’ logos for the songs, and mixed the band ones. Once again, this is absolutely not in a commercial purpose , just an arty one, a creative pleasure about a band that, like most of you, belongs to my life for so many decades, that’s all.

You like the idea, join the project, you don’t like leave your way peacefully, I won’t blame anyone but free haters. I just hope everyone will understand.

Christophe N.


We are all James. We all are James.”

Soapy Soutar -

the artwork project.

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Village Fire

the artwork project.


These are the statistics of the requested sleeves per album. Please note that the compilations albums have been mixed together into two sections (“Fresh As A Daisy And Other Compilations” and “B-sides Ultra And Extras”), and that the b-sides linked to an album feature into this album section.

the artwork project.

Ask for your sleeve.

This is where you ask for your sleeve.

Easy to do.

Have a quick look at the rules,

Fill up the formula,

Prepare 3, 4 pictures of you in various situations.

Send them via mail when you are asked to.



In the “How it works” section it is explained that you can’t unfortunately ask for a song that has already been chosen previously by someone else.

The B-side field is just an option. it features most of the time as a sticker on the sleeve, as most of records companies do. I f you want a b-side, please pick up any song you like from any other singer/band (not from James).

Once again, be patient : no delay for the sleeve, it will depends on the time I have. Some have waited several months, some others several hours. I keep it as a hobby and certainly not as a duty. Now go for it.

The form.

Ask for your sleeve.
Just to be able to tag you
Name here the SONG & the BAND/SINGER which NOT a James song.
Which song do you want to be the cover star of ?
Leave feedback if you want (much appreciated)

Nothing but love, fun, friendship, non sense artwork.

We All Are James

Made with passion, for passionate James’ music lovers, and for everyone who wants to join.